Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just another manic tuesday.

I had it today: one of those emotional migraine days.  Much like a migraine headache, but
not felt on a physical level.  The cure, I've found, is similar to a physical migraine in that I crave
a cool, dark room to rest in and take a few deep breaths. 

Not so much a panic attack, or a manic episode.  I was certain at one point that I was having
either one of those, until--after much research--I diagnosed myself with a make-believe affliction. 

Emotional migraines fester in a sleep deprived brain and eventually work themselves into the blood and
nervous system like a tapeworm to the large intestine.  Pulling my knees to my chest and rocking back
and forth helps.  Nothing ever gets better on an emotional migraine day, so the best solution is to
either watch television in silence or hit the sack as early as 5.  Once I feel one coming on, my entire day
is sunk.

I texted three of my closest friends and informed them that I was on the downward spiral and Could they
please tell me something good about me before I cracked like yesterdays melon.  Obliging, well-payed liar/friends as they are, they immediately return with: "You're a hottie" "You are so beautiful it kills me" and "you are the prettiest thing on earth". 

....any "normal" girl, not under the duress of an emotional, self-deprecating migraine, might have found contentment is this.  But, I immediately thought to myself: "Hmm.  So, I am a humorless, talentless waste of space.  I might as well get that boob job I've never wanted and audition for The Housewives of Benton County.".

Don't bother coming to my window tonight, Cyrano.  I'll be asleep before the sun sets.

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