Friday, April 22, 2011

i'm really not so funny

Especially when you compare me to some of my Etsy counterparts.
Take, for instance, Miss Gay Lee at http://missgaylee.etsy/. We decided
to do a trade so that I could own some of her precious vintage baubles
and this is what she writes to me for card suggestions:

"Do you have card appropriate for congratulating niece for running off and getting married and letting everyone know by updating FB status. Or perhaps a little something for father-in-law marrying nice girl who's just a couple years older than me, I told him that she's the big sister I've always wanted. Or better yet, 20 year old daughter that wants to have a sex talk, asks me to buy her a bottle of wine and says I warped her outlook on premarital sex by sending her to private Christian HS. She expects me be believe that she's still a virgin even though she spends almost every night at boyfriend's apartment, oh, and could I please pick up her birth control prescription and send it to her at college, she says she's just taking that for her complexion."

Or, one of my favorite customers from Surfers Paradise, Australia who, when I asked if she
was trying to butter me up with her compliments on my work, she responded with:
  'If I were trying to butter you up, I'd say 'my you look a delight today, radiating joy - have you been listening to Loveshack on repeat or something?'. hehe But seriously, love your work & very much looking forward to what's up your sleeve.....

Listening to Loveshack on repeat.  That really flicked a chord of joy within me and I told her i would steal it
for a future card purpose and she is fine with it.  (the paper work is in the mail, KC ;)

1 comment:

  1. Paper work in the mail?

    Well shit, I was on the verge of an oh so fashionable
    quarter-life-crisis', but you've put that to bed. New life purpose: obsessively scour daily mail delivery for arrival of paperwork. Ah, not even that case of cab merlot Mac & I hid away engaged such a sense of calm.

    Oh. And you are that funny.